Saturday, June 6, 2015

32 Flavors Part 6

Part 6

           Kevin wasn't just worried, he was terrified. He'd thought his wits and money would extricate him from this mess, but his gambit just made matters worse. Tina couldn't believe her good luck. The overbearing businessman kept playing into her hands. He was actually willing to walk into one of the most exclusive area clubs wearing just a thong and a stuffed bra!
As they were about to re-enter through the side door, however, a burly bouncer stood in their way. "Not sure what kinda place you think this is, but no way is she coming in here like that!" he said, nodding at Kevin.
            Shaking her head, Tina grabbed Kevin by the hand and pulled him back toward his car. She laughed as bystanders gaped at his nearly naked form. She paused to enjoy his humiliation while the men ogled him and the women sneered at him.
            Kevin's male ego was taking a severe beating as one person after another took him for a girl! Finally, Tina pressed the key fob disarming and unlocking his fancy Ferrari, and slid into the driver's seat. She smirked as Kevin scrambled into the relative protection of the car.
            "How could you do that to me?" Kevin whined in a spoiled tone.
            "Me? I loaned you a cute outfit, and you decided to give it to some skater bois. What were you doing anyway? Trying to buy sex from them?" she knew he wasn't, but she loved tweaking him.
            Kevin glared at her, but she wasn't really wrong. It was his decision to try to buy male clothes, and it backfired badly. He was wondering how he could escape with his dignity when he noticed Tina was pulling up to a large house. She deftly parallel parked in the front, and got out.
            "You coming, Katina?" she asked, "I wouldn't stay out here like that. This neighborhood can get kinda rowdy."
            "Don't call me Katina!" he snapped, but he followed her up the cracked sidewalk to a front door with peeling green paint. "You live here?" he asked, with his usual snobby attitude.                   
That was a big mistake. Tina found his arrogance galling. It was the main reason she'd refused to date him. She wasn't wealthy by any means, but she was hard-working and proud she could afford a place of her own, well, not all her own as Kevin quickly discovered.
            Tina wrestled with the lock, twisting and rattling the key until the door opened. Kevin followed her into an old, but well-kept group home. Looking around, he saw an entry way that connected with a large living room. The 40 inch TV was showing reruns of Sex In The City, and four 20-something women were watching and eating microwave popcorn.
            "Hey you guys," Tina said, "this is my new friend Katina. She lost her clothes at the club and I'm going to help her out."
            "How did she do that? Was she playing strip poker?" asked a strawberry blonde with a big smile and sparkling sapphire eyes, "I'm Melanie, by the way."
            One of the other young women, a brunette with dark eyes, shushed them with an angry look on her face. "Will you girls keep it down, I'm watching!" she said.
            "Oh come on Nancy," a pretty blonde said, "it's not every day a girl walks in wearing just her thong and bra," she giggled, "I'm Gwen, so, hi."
            "Yeah hi, I'm Cassandra but you can call me Cass," the fourth girl said. She was dark skinned with black curly hair and a friendly smile.
            Kevin was shocked. Here he was in a thong and bra, and people kept mistaking him for a girl! Shaking off that humiliation, he considered that strip poker made a convincing lie. He was about to confirm that cover story when Tina answered, "Nah she's just a total slut."
            She laughed loudly at the dismayed look on his face and said, "Come on Kat, let's get you dressed."

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