Monday, June 29, 2015

Alpha Theta Nu Part 7 - The Conclusion
Poor Matt and Elizabeth.  The heroes of my Alpha Theta Nu series have been through a lot.  Since Elizabeth began to have second thoughts about her sorority's program to enslave and feminize the Alpha Theta Nu pledges, her days in the house were numbered, but now they're dumping all of her worldly possessions onto the lawn of the sorority house.

The stakes have gotten very high for Candy as well.  He finds himself crossdressed and bound as the birthday present for a drunk and horny twenty-one year old.  Does he have any hope of retaining what's left of his masculinity?

This story has been a lot of fun for me to right.  I know that some people were shocked because for a change they were sympathizing with the feminized rather than the feminizers even as many of my readers would have loved to switch places with him.  However, it's been fun to tell what seemed like a simple story and weave it into a dark and sinister conspiracy.  I hope you'll pick up Hell to Pay and all seven parts of the Alpha Theta Nu saga today.

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