Saturday, June 20, 2015

32 Flavors Part 12

Part 12

"Well now that you've made Kat come, I guess we can go," Cass giggled at her pun, picked up her hobo bag, and strutted toward the front door.
  As he pulled his panties back into place, Kevin's mind was spinning, and not just from the stunning blow job. "Nancy is a guy? Used to be a guy?" he couldn't believe it.
Tina grabbed his hand, and with a sly smile, pulled him to his feet. Something about seeing one sissy suck another always got her juices flowing.
"It'll be so fun spending a weekend buying myself a new wardrobe with Kevin's platinum cards," she thought, "and just as much fun making him wear my soon-to-be old clothes."
She was calculating just how much fun it'd be as the six feminine babes sauntered out the door. Three of them--Cass, Gwen, and Melody--got into Cass's Honda Civic, while the other three approached Kevin's Ferrari. Tina slid into the driver's seat, pointed to Nancy, and patted the passenger's side of the two seater. Nancy smoothed her skirt under her and sat.
Tina nodded at Kevin, beckoning to him. He hesitated and considered defying her, but when she shrugged and started the car, he moved to get in. Emulating Nancy, Kevin smoothed his own skirt and climbed onto her lap. He was shifting around, trying to get comfortable, when he felt Nancy's cock hardening against his ass.
Tina waved to the other girls who were pulling out in Cass's Civic sedan, and gunned the engine to burst ahead. The acceleration and g-force turns made Kevin bounce up and down and squirm back and forth.
All that motion and contact put a big smile on Nancy's face, and a deep blush on Kevin's. Nancy looked like a sexy girl, but Kevin felt a constant reminder on his ass that she wasn't. Tina looked over and winked.
Within moments, they pulled in front of Club Absinthe. Even before they'd opened the car doors they could hear the throbbing bass. Tina jumped out and tossed the keys to a valet. Nancy grabbed and pinched Kevin's ass as he clambered out of the car, and giggled as he tried to slap away at the offending fingers. Cass, Gwen, and Melody popped out of of the Civic, and followed the other three into the club.
There was a long line of men in trendy suits waiting to get in, but the massive bouncer waved the six beauties inside. Tina led them to the bar, swarming with people trying to get service. The music made it nearly impossible to converse, but somehow Tina managed to get six guys to give up their stools, and her clique took their seats.
Instantly, eighteen drinks appeared, along with an equal number of suitors. Kevin found three huge hunky men squeezing into his personal space and shouting into his ears:
"Hey babe, come here often?"
"I'm a Libra, what's your sign?"
"Did it hurt when you fell...out of heaven, Angel?"
Kevin tried in vain to pull down the hem of his minidress, and began chugging his drinks. This drew even more unwanted make attention. The night went on like this. More men, more drinks, more come ons. Rinse and repeat. Soon, he was feeling really buzzed.
All through the night, Kevin kept thinking about Nancy. Her looks, her motions, even her voice--everything about her signaled "girl," and her bj technique was amazing. Despite himself, Kevin repeatedly replayed that mind-blowing blowjob.
Then it hit him, "if Tina and her friends made a guy into this sexy, feminine creature, what will they do to me?" The thought revulsed him, but also turned him on. "What's happening to me?"
Tina seemed to read his mind. She smiled at him like an Orca swimming after a seal. Kevin looked at her as she tipped her glass toward him. He wasn't sure he read her lips right. She seemed to say...but no! She couldn't! She wouldn't!

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