Thursday, June 25, 2015

French Maids

Being a maid is such a trope in feminization fiction.  I'd guess 30% of the stories have a maid theme, but I've never really written a maid story. The closest I came was writing the chapters on my own history as a maid during my college days in Welcome to College.  I think I have avoiding writing a maid story in part because I hate cliche and in part because my own experience wasn't pleasant.

The first problem is the uniform.  You can pick up a sexy Halloween French Maid costume for a cheap enough price, but it's not going to be very practical.  With all the bending and stretching you have to do, a pair of strappy sandals with four inch heels are not the ideal footwear.  Kneeling to clean the bathroom floor in a pair of fishnets, will leave your knees looking like waffles. A short skirt is terribly impractical for any kind of real cleaning.

In addition, there was the humiliation.  If I was cleaning the girls' house and I ran out of Murphy's Oil Soap, guess who got to go to the hardware store to get more in full maid getup?  There were a couple of boyfriends I cleaned up after, I'd bring them cold beers from their fridge and put their feet up. I'd give them the remote control and then start cleaning.  That felt humiliating in a very non-erotic way. 

Finally, college kids are pigs.  It doesn't matter if they are boys or girls.  I didn't like cleaning up after myself, but now I was cleaning up after four and eventually five girls who thought of their floor as one big storage space. 

Now, I'm starting to think of doing a French Maid story.  What do you think?  Has it been done to death?

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  1. You just outlined a great maid story. The grim humiliating and painful,reality of being a maid.