Thursday, June 11, 2015

32 Flavors - Parts 8 & 9

[Alyssa emailed her section to me and I missed it.  However, Mindi didn't and she got part 9 done before I got part 8 up, so I'm posting them together.  I hope you enjoy.]

As he stood to grab the towel, the women burst into laughter.  Kevin was so ready to escape this torment that he momentarily forgot that his movement out of the tub would give them a full frontal view of his naked body. 
“Oh god,” he squeaked as Cass yanked the towel out of his reach.  He quickly sat back in the tub to regain some modesty. 
“No wonder you thought you’d pass as a girl, that little weenie barely counts!”
Kevin shrunk into the tub; Melanie’s big smile didn’t seem so attractive when it was due to his own wounded pride.  “It’s not that small,” he scoffed.  “No one ever complained!”
The women broke out into more laughter.  “Oh, sweetie… that’s cause if they did you’d stop being Mr. Big Shot and buying them things.  Trust us, you’ve got nothing to be proud of,” Gwen said with a hint of compassion.  She knelt by the tub and caused Kevin to yelp as her hand shot into the water between his legs. 
“S… stop, what…,” Kevin stammered as her hand encircled his soft cock. 
“This doesn’t have to be ALL bad, you know,” Gwen said with a wink.  As she leaned forward her tits hung over the side of the tub, the white fabric of her t-shirt rapidly getting wetter as she began to move her arm. 
Kevin gasped as she began to stroke him.  The other two women rolled their eyes and laughed.  “Gwen, you’re such a slut going right for it,” Cass teased.
“What, Tina can’t have all the fun!  If she wants us to get her new toy ready we should get to play too.”  She looked directly into Kevin’s eyes, “Besides I don’t think Kat here minds it.  Do you, Kat?”
Kevin whimpered in response.  Between her hand on his member, and her tits draped over the edge of the tub, his cock was already quite hard.   Cass and Melanie watching made it even more arousing to him.  He felt… powerless.  But also so good.  A moan escaped his lips as Gwen moved her hand to his balls.
“I’ll take that as your answer,” Gwen cooed.  “Now, are you going to let us make you a pretty, pretty princess?”
Kevin couldn’t help but thrust into her hand as she moved back to his cock.  He didn’t WANT to be a pretty, pretty princess.  He wanted to be banging Tina in the back seat of his car!  As Gwen continued to work his pole, he began to lose the argument with himself.  He shivered in delight at her ministrations; her technique was the best Kevin had ever experienced.  His cock quickly began to win the debate, and Kevin rationalized that maybe, just maybe, if he went along with Tina’s games he might get lucky after all.  Maybe if they saw he was a good sport he would get some action from more than just Tina.  Maybe Gwen’s tits could be wrapped around his cock.  As Kevin spoke, he had almost convinced himself he had a choice in what was going to happen.
“Y… yes, please,” he said as his hips continued to thrust underwater into Gwen’s slick hand.
“Yes what,” she said as she licked her lips.
“Make… make me a pretty princess,” Kevin replied as he looked away.
"Oh you're such a good girl, Kat," Gwen said, "you'll make such a pretty princess." She continued stroking Kevin under the bath water. He moaned in increasing bliss as Cass and Melanie smiled and nodded at each other behind Kevin's back.
Gwen's gentle hand pumped faster and faster as she prompted, "Kat, tell us you want us to make you into a beautiful, sexy girl."
When Kevin hesitated, Gwen stopped stroking, and arched an eyebrow at him. He whimpered softly, trying to resist, but he was already hooked. So he said, "I want you to make me into a ... beautiful, sexy girl." With that admission, he came, and the girls giggled at him.
Kevin's mind was in a whirl as the girls rinsed him off and prepared him for his full transformation. Before he knew it, they'd had him in Tina's bedroom with smooth legs, arms, chest, and underarms. They'd polished his finger nails and toe nails in neon pink, and put down his protests by pouting, "you promised!" every time he started to complain.
 Gwen was rummaging around in Tina's lingerie drawer, holding up items for the other girls to see. "How about this lacy red set?" she asked, displaying a thong, bra, and garter belt the color of a stop sign.
"Too slutty for our princess," Melanie smiled, "she deserves virginal white."
"Ugh, seriously?" Cass asked. "No, our girl should be pretty in pink."
"How about these?" Gwen asked, showing them an ensemble the color of cotton candy. That was the compromise choice.
Working together, the girls quickly dressed Kevin in the sexy thong and garter belt, attached sheer white stockings, and carefully stuffed his bra with realistic breast forms.
"Hey, these tits feel sticky...." Kevin started.
"We girls call them boobs, not tits," Tina corrected, stepping into her room to check on their progress. She pulled a hot pink minidress and a sexy pair of strappy white sandals with three inch heels out of her closet.
Moving closer to Kevin, she unzipped the dress, slipped it over his head, and pulled it down into place. She zipped it up, and smiled. It fell to mid thigh and its sewn-in crinoline poofed out the skirt in an extremely prissy manner.
She put the sandals in front of Kevin. Gwen helped him step into them, and then wrapped the straps around his ankles and calves, buckling them into place. He took some halting steps, and staggered trying to get used to the heels. The girls smirked at the way the shoes forced his body--especially his butt and chest--into a pronounced feminine posture.
Cass wielded tweezers in a blur of motion, plucking away until Kevin's eyes were framed by feminine arches. This brought tears to his eyes, not just because of the pain. He caught his reflection in the vanity mirror, and felt a deep, burning shame. He looked just like his sister, and that made him dizzy with humiliation. He was also starting to feel aroused.
"Time for your make up!" Tina sang, pulling Kevin to a seat in front of her vanity. She pulled his hair back into a high ponytail, tied back with a pink scrunchi, and began spreading foundation on his face. She brushed his lashes with dark black mascara, and carefully accentuated his eyes with liquid liner. She dabbed rose and metallic pink shadow over his eyelids, and emphasized his cheekbones with two shades of blush. She drew a Cupid's bow around his lips, filled in the outline with shiny pink lipstick, and added a clear gloss.
Melanie handed him a cute little pink purse and said, "OK Princess, time to go."

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