Sunday, June 21, 2015

32 Flavors Part 13

 Part 13

"No Tina, I just can't!" exclaimed Kevin.
"You can and you will," replied Tina sternly.
"Come on, it's a dark club and the music will drown out your voice," assured Melanie.
"It's not like you've got a choice," beamed Cass.  She loved watching Tina break a male.  It was so much fun to see them get to the tipping point and try to fight back only to find out it was too late when Tina demolished their resistance completely.
"So are you going to go and get a guy to dance with you and then bring him back here or am I going to punish you?" asked Tina asserting her control.
"I can't fool a guy," pleaded Kevin.
"You've had a bunch of them hitting on you since we got in here.  Quit stalling," demanded Tina. "The last one of you to bring a guy back will be punished."
Nancy grabbed Kevin by the elbow and dragged him out to the dance floor.  "You don't say no to Tina like that," warned Nancy. "You haven't seen her mean side yet."
"She's got something up her sleeve.  This isn't just bringing the guys back to our seats." Kevin was really hoping that Nancy would tell him he was wrong and that after they laughed at their feminized sissies flirting with guys they'd let them go.
"That's what you don't get.  Of course she has something up here sleeve.  If you tell her no, it'll be ten times worse. Now, let's get out on the floor and dance."
"I can't ask a guy to dance."
"Just dance with me.  If guys see two hot girls dancing together, they'll start circling us like hungry sharks."
"Hot girls?" asked Kevin, but Nancy just nodded.  She found an empty spot on the dance floor and proceeded to mimic Nancy.  His heels were causing Kevin trouble, but Nancy moved gracefully and easily in her shoes despite a five-inch heel.  Sure enough, as Kevin looked around, he could see guys eyeing the girls and getting ready to make their move.  Kevin's heart was racing and he feared what could happen next.  He spied a guy who was tall, standing over six-feet, but he was also gangly and nerdish looking with his wire-rimmed glasses.  He decided he'd be better with this guy than with some big behemoth who would throw him around the dance floor like a rag doll.  Kevin decided the best thing to do was to make eye contact with the tall nerd and smile.  
It did the trick.  He approached Kevin and cut in on his dance with Nancy who had no trouble finding another guy to dance with.  They only danced for another half a minute when the music switched to a slow song.  The tall nerd took Kevin in his arms
"Hi, I'm Steve.  I'm from Australia."
"My name is Ke..Katina.  I'm from America."
"I figured from your accent," nodded Steve. "You're beautiful."
"Thank you."
As Steve held him tightly in his arms and moved him around the dance floor, he almost forgot how embarrassing the whole experience was.  He rested his head on Steve's shoulder, but when they turned so he was facing the girls, he could see them laughing and taking still more pictures.  Tina flashed a wicked smile as she mockingly waved at him and blew him a kiss.  He thought he would simply melt into a puddle of pure humiliation right there on the dance floor.

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