Sunday, June 7, 2015

Three Forced Feminization Reviews
Reviewing a new Ann Michelle book is very difficult.  I believe that her story Grounded in Heels is the finest forced feminization story that Amazon has ever published and it was her high quality feminization writing that got me into writing in this genre in the first place.

Emasculating My Husband is Ann Michelle's newest book and it's a gripping read about a meek woman who feminizes and cuckolds her bully of a husband.  The humiliation in this book is terrific and it's a very sexy read.  However, I think I was a little bothered by the relationship of husband and wife.  She seems very hurt by how he treated her in the past and goes out of her way to hurt him wherever she can.  However, she was never quite hurt enough to divorce him, especially when she no longer had need of him.  Relationship aside, there's a lot to love about this story and I think it'll appeal to a lot of my readers.  I give it four stars out of five.
 I reviewed one of her other new books last week and mentioned that I thought she had great potential. I think College Student to Coed might have actually shown her realizing some of that potential to tell a tightly wound story of humiliation and semi-forced feminization.  She's definitely an author to keep an eye on.  I give this story five stars out of five.
Mindi Harris is back with another volume in her Miss Management series.  In Miss Management 2, we see Makayla's first day on the job.   It's more humiliation from the mind of Mindi Harris who has crafted quite a setting and cast of characters that breathe life into this forced feminization story.  It's a great read and makes me anxious for book 3.  I give this book four out of five stars.. 

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