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32 Flavors - Part 15 (The Conclusion)

32 Flavors - Part 15

Before Kevin could answer, Steve began massaging his neck eliciting an involuntary cooing sound from the feminized male. That told Tina all she wanted to know. She smirked at Kevin and showed him his own iPhone.
In horror, he realized that Tina was set to send a text message to Jennifer Tyson, the obsessive local TV reporter he'd accused of stalking him. She had attached several humiliating pictures: some of him tweaking against Steve, some of him kissing and holding hands with Steve, and...he looked at her in pleading dismay, shaking his head.
Tina grinned and nodded at Steve, while making kissy faces at Kevin who again, shook his head no. When Tina shrugged and glared at him, her finger positioned over the send button, he knew he had no choice. He reached behind the tall Aussie's head, and pulled him into a deep kiss.
Cass laughed so hard she nearly choked on her drink. Melanie--eyes wide with erotic delight--elbowed her friend and shushed her. Tina, All of them were avidly watching as the steamy make-out session became a grope-fest.
Steve's left hand cupped and squeezed Kevin's round ass through the thin fabric of the minidress. The girls grinned and giggled as Kevin struggled to fend off the strong, manly left hand that kept inching higher and higher up his smooth stocking-clad thigh.
Nancy, the proud winner of the little contest, made a hidden gesture to Tina. The ring leader immediately picked up on it, laughed, and nodded in response. She caught Kevin's eye,  balled her right hand into a fist, and put it to her lips. Then, she thrust her tongue into her cheek and began slowly pumping her fist, pantomiming a blow job.
It was Kevin's turn to choke as Tina hissed into his ear, "You practiced sucking cock for like an hour at my place, and showed mad skillz. Don't lie to me, I know you're into this," she said, patting his lap and feeling his throbbing erection.
"See? I knew it!" Tina continued. "Take him to your...make that my car and suck his cock!" Her eyes danced with excitement, but her mouth was set in a stern expression. "It's either that or Jennifer Tyson gets to broadcast an exclusive, all about the sissy businessman."
"You wouldn't dare! What did I ever do to you?" Kevin whined into her ear, as he saw Nancy laughing at him in triumph, reveling in his impending abject debasement.
Rolling her eyes, Tina cupped her hands over Kevin's ear and shouted so he could hear, "Of course I would! I'm already wet just thinking about it, and seeing you exposed as a cross dressed slut on the TV news would give me multiple orgasms. As for what you did to me?"
She listed her complaints, "You stalked me at my job, you kept hitting on me nonstop even after I shot you down like a million times, you insulted my friends and boyfriends, and you...."
"OK, OK, OK!" Kevin interrupted. He sadly nodded, conceding all that was true.
"Besides, if you do a good job with that blow job, you may just get lucky," she waggled her eyebrows. Then, Tina stood up, smiled angelically, and shouted at Steve, "We approve of you, you're worthy of a special treat."
Feeling utterly emasculated, powerless, and controlled, Kevin gently took Steve by the hand and led him outside. Tina followed behind, calling and waving a ticket over her head. Kevin remembered they'd used valet parking. Taking the ticket from her, he approached the valet, and handed over the numbered piece of cardboard.
Kevin felt waves of humiliation when the valet winked at Steve and said, "I bet you're going to get lucky with her tonight! Well played, she's a stone fox!"
 The uniformed young man pulled the keys from the peg board, and sauntered off to get the car, leaving Steve to bend Kevin into a deep, probing kiss whole copping a feel again.
 The valet brought the Ferrari around, tossed Steve the keys, and opened the passenger side door for Kevin. As Tina held up the iPhone with a finger poised to send the photos to Jennifer, Kevin hung his head, smoothed the back of his dress, and slipped into his...make that Tina's car.
Steve whooped with delight as he shoved the stick shift into gear, pulled out of the parking lot, and forced his way into traffic.
Kevin looked at Steve, and noted the large man's evident excitement with a shudder.Despite or maybe because of his own arousal, Kevin blushed deeply with shame. He realized that the valet was right. 

Author's Note:

I hope you have enjoyed this story from three of the top selling forced feminization authors working today.  It was great fun for us to do and there may be another similar compilation in our future.  We will also clean this story up and publish it within the next month.  Please visit our Amazon pages here for more stories from us:

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