Thursday, June 25, 2015

32 Flavors Part 14

Part 14

As Steve continued to whirl him around the dance floor, Kevin tried to avoid any eye contact with the rest of the girls.  He was for the most part successful, but occasionally would see Tina’s face as she sported a wicked grin.  He tried to block them out of his mind and let his suitor move him about the dance floor.  Kevin wasn’t used to not having the lead, but he blushed as he realized how right it felt.  He could feel his cock hardening in his panties, and was thankful for the darkness of the club. 
He looked to see Nancy practically kissing the man she was dancing with.  He knew he needed to get Steve over to the girls and introduce him before Nancy got her man there… or else.  He shuddered to think what the consequences would be.  Kevin realized that he needed to pick up the pace.  His rapidly hardening cock gave him an idea.  If he stayed face to face with him any longer there was a chance Steve would feel his pole.
At that moment, the song changed to a one with a rhythmic bass line.  Kevin took his chance and spun around.  He pushed his ass back into Steve’s crotch and moaned in humiliation as he could feel a very hard cock.  Even through Steve’s pants, it was unmistakable.  Kevin began to grind for all he was worth, and Steve gripped his hips and danced with him.  Kevin could see Tina and her roommates as they pointed and laughed at him.  He bit his lip nervously, but the look on Tina’s face put him more at ease.  She nodded her head in approval and raised her drink to him.  His heart raced, but he danced even more wantonly after that. 
Steve pulled him close, and Kevin turned his head back.  He was surprised when he felt Steve’s lips touch his own.  He whimpered, but went with it.  Even over the din of the club music he could hear the hoots and hollers of Tina’s party as they watched him. 
“You’re a really good kisser,” Steve said as they broke apart. 
“Th… thank you,” Kevin stuttered in reply.  “I, will you come meet my friends?  They’re, um… they’re really protective of me.  I think they’d want to meet you before things go any further.”
Kevin felt Steve’s cock twitch through his pants at the mention of their dance leading to further fun.
“Oh course!  Lead on!”
Kevin pulled him by the hand to Tina’s table.  They parted, and he saw Nicole, who sat with her dance partner as they sipped from the same drink. 
“Guys… this is… this is Steve,” Kevin said as his heart sank.  He lost.
Introductions were made around the table, and Steve settled in next to Kevin.  Cass was joking with him on one side, and Tina leaned over to Kevin.
“Poor Katina, so close, so far,” she said with mock concern.  She ran her hand up his thigh under the table.  “Now, how to punish you?  I think after a rough start you’ve been a good sport.  I think you like what I’m doing to you, don’t you?”

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