Thursday, June 18, 2015

32 Flavors Part 11

“Wait… Nancy is… Nancy is a he?”  Kevin asked incredulously.
The women all broke into laughter.  “Well, not so much anymore.  After living as a woman for so long there is hardly anything masculine left.”
Nancy looked at the floor, her face awash in red.  “Ok, whatever.  Can we just go.”
“Awww, not so tough now that you’re on the receiving end of the teasing are you, Nance?” Tina asked.  “Are you afraid Kevin here is going to replace you?”
“No, I just… I don’t see why you keep doing this!”
“Because it is fun, and there are just so many men who think they are top dogs when really they’re bottom bitches,” Tina answered with a smirk.  “Now, I think you need to apologize to my friend here.”
Nancy mumbled an, “I’m sorry.”
“No no, you misunderstand.  Really apologize to him,” Tina sad as the rest of the women began to giggle uncontrollably. 
“Tina, I’m sorry. I swear.  I am, I’m so sorry,” Nancy begged.
“It’s really not that big of a deal, I’m ok,” Kevin added.  Now that he knew Nancy was a guy he felt a certain level of comradery. 
Tina stood with fire in her eyes.  “Apologize, for real.  Now.”
Nancy got to her knees and began to crawl towards Kevin.  Even knowing she was actually a he, seeing her nubile body snake across the floor caused Kevin to become painfully erect in his panties.  Kevin started to giggle nervously as Nancy got to his knees, then started to protest when she spread his legs.
“Hey… hey no, I’m… ok this has gone far enough,” Kevin said with a yelp as he scooted away from Nancy. 
“You sit there, spread your legs and enjoy it,” Tina snapped at him.  “And you, get to work.”
Kevin slid back down the couch and closed his eyes as he spread his legs.
“Tina, please…,” Nancy began before being cut off.
“Any more stalling and you’ll be doing a lot more at the club.”
Melanie, Cass and Gwen all leaned forward to watch the show as Nancy reached into Kevin’s skirt.  Kevin gasped as he felt her delicate hands reach into his panties and pull his cock out. 
“Cheer up Nance, at least you’re still bigger than Kevin,” Gwen teased, causing both men to blush.
“I’m, I’m really not into any gay stu--,” Kevin began, but was stopped short before he could finish as his cock slid into something wet and warm.  He looked down and saw Nancy’s head as it bobbed up and down on his shaft.  “Ohhhh, ohhh god,” he moaned.
“Seems like you enjoy the ‘gay stuff’ just fine, sweetie,” Tina said with a wicked laugh.  She waved the strap on at him, “And you’ll enjoy much more before the night is over.”
Kevin gripped the couch tightly with his hands as Nancy worked on his pole.  He had lots of women blow him in his time, usually just to hang out with a high roller like himself.  He felt a great sense of shame wash over him as he realized that not only was Nancy the best he ever had on his cock… he was going to cum, and fast.
“Oh, oh no,” he murmered.
“What’s wrong, hot shot?  Gonna cum in a lady boys mouth?” Tina said, causing all the women to snicker.
“Oh, oh please I can’t,” he started, but then moaned as Nancy began to take his cock into her mouth in long strokes.  He couldn’t hold it anymore.  He was going to shoot, and everyone was going to see it.
Tears stung his eyes as he let out a long, sensual groan and his cock erupted into Nancy’s mouth.  Numerous camera flashed caused him to blink, he was so focused on his blowjob he didn’t realize several of the girls had camera’s out. 
Nancy continued to pump him, and sucked every ounce of cum from him she could.  Kevin could hear her gulp it down.  She pulled his cock out of her mouth with a pop and wiped her mouth.
“Can we please go now?” she asked meekly.

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