Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Feminized by his Coworker

The woman who first convinced me to take the plunge into writing my college adventures as well as taking calls at NiteFlirt is a flirt herself that I will call L.  She's an amazing person and though my calls to her have stopped being very sexual at all, she's extremely sexy.  She's also a very intelligent person with a huge heart that I like to think of as my older sister despite being older than her.  That goes to show you where our maturity levels are at.

When I told her that I was branching from writing my own memoirs into feminization fiction, the one scenario she suggested immediately was big black cock.  She explained the callers she got and we went off on a tangent as we are prone to do about race and domination.

Feminized by his Coworker is a direct result of that conversation I had with L. over a year ago.  It is the story of two coworkers--a white man and a black woman.  The man named Cade makes the mistake of disrespecting his coworker Ayana and she finally has enough.  With the help of a couple of other workers in the office, she proceeds to dominate him completely.  Once bound and defeated, she proceeds to feminize him for her own amusement.

For those of you into interracial domination, I think you'll enjoy this story.  It's got a powerful black woman dominating her weak-willed white coworker and even has some BBC moments in it.  If you just like the feminization and humiliation that I usually provide in my books, it's there too. Here's a very short sample:

"You’ll hold your head still and pucker up for me or I'm going to start in bitch slapping you again," she threatened. Realizing that he had very few options, he reluctantly pursed his lips so that she could drag the tube of deep purple lipstick across his mouth. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling to Cade, except for the humiliation. It was hard for him to feel anything else until the stinging in his cheeks subsided, but the texture of his lips was now moist and creamy. Ayana took her time in the application, savoring the enticing feeling of power it gave her as she reduced him to nothing more than an abject bitch.
"Now, don't you dare even think of taking that lipstick off," she warned him. "You're just lucky this color works so well with both our complexions. Now, let’s see you get some work done."
She slapped him on the ass to prove her point and went back to the reports on her computer. Cade scurried back to his own desk and desperately tried to find the words to tell Ayana that he couldn’t, and wouldn't, be treated this way. He wanted more than anything to wipe away the lipstick, but he didn't dare. He certainly wasn't getting any work done with all of the emotions churning around inside of him.
Shortly before noon, Kayleigh and Payton came over to see if Ayana wanted to go and grab some lunch with them. Kayleigh was a beautiful blonde girl who had been a standout volleyball player in high school. She was five-foot-nine with a well-toned body, but very small breasts. Payton was a red head who wasn't conventionally beautiful, but her innate wild streak and her large perfect 36C breasts drew men to her like bears to honey. They were friendly enough with Cade, or at least they had been before Ayana began telling them the truth about him.
"So are you available?" asked Kayleigh.
"Sure, just give me a second to close this out," promised Ayana.
"OMG, are you two wearing the same lipstick?" queried Payton covering her hands with her mouth, and laughing hysterically. As Kayleigh then noticed Cade's lips, she couldn't help rushing over for a closer look, laughing the whole time. Reflexively Cade grabbed a tissue from a box on his desk, but as soon as he raised the tissue to his lips, Ayana was yelling at him, "Don't you dare!"
Cade instantly froze then slowly lowered the tissue, much to the delight of both Kayleigh and Payton who laughed even louder at the unexpected exchange between the two of them.

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