Sunday, June 7, 2015

32 Flavors Part 7

Part 7

"I can't impose," said Kevin slowly backing away.
"Sure you can," replied Cass.  "We insist."
He followed along with her as Tina and Gwen prepared a hot scented bubble bath.  The water was hot enough that the mirrors were soon fogged over. "Okay, strip and get in," ordered Tina.
"Uhm, I'd rather not," stammered Kevin.  "I'm modest."
"Girl, you've been walking around town in a thong and bra.  How modest can you be?" laughed Cass.
"Well, let's give her a break.  I think she's had a trying day," said Gwen.   No sooner did the women leave than Kevin locked the door.  At first, he just sat on the edge of the tub, but then he decided that stalling might be his best bet.  After an hour in the tub he could apologize that he was out longer than he planned to be and head home.  The smell would be evidence that he went along with the bath and after getting kicked in the balls, the warm water did actually look kind of soothing.
He lay back in the tub and relaxed in the soothing scented bubbles.  What an evening this had been.  Relaxed, he almost drifted off when he was startled by the sound of the door swinging open.  In came Tina carrying a pile of clothing for him that she left on top of the hamper.   Cass, Melanie, and Gwen followed right behind as he lay there dumbfounded.
"I locked the door," complained a very confused Kevin.
"Oh that hasn't worked since we moved in," replied Tina.  "My three roommates here will help you get dressed; while I go get changed myself.  I hope you don't mind, but I haven't eaten since noon and I promised them you would take us all out to dinner."
"I'm not really comfortable with this, Tina," objected Kevin.
"Relax, the bubbles hide everything," said Tina as she closed the door behind her.  Kevin swore he could hear her cackling to herself.
"Let's start by getting rid of the body hair," said Cass causing Kevin to splash and sink away from her.
"Don't worry, I won't cut anything you need," assured Cass.
"Wait," laughed Melanie. "Do you think we actually think you're a girl?"
"Well--I--," stammered Kevin.
"He does.  Oh wow! He does," cheered Gwen as the girls all laughed at what they thought was the funniest joke in the world.
"Oh Kat, that girl has given more makeovers than What Not to Wear," joked Cass. "She loves turning you alpha dogs into her little bitches."
"I'm not the first?" he asked.
"Well, you the first guy she even brought in here in just his dainty underwear," smirked Gwen. "...Actually, that's not quite true.  You're the first she's brought in here in just his underwear who wasn't handcuffed or otherwise under durress."
"So you've got that going for you," joked Melanie.
"We better get Cinderella ready.  By now Tina probably has that big strap on of hers out and she's waiting for her virgin bride."
"Now hold on here.  This has gone too far" stammered Kevin splashing the girls as he backed away.  He grabbed for a soft pink towel that was hanging next to the tub and stood up.   

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